Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shuttle Bus dari Airport JB ke Singapore

Aku tengah godek-godek website AirAsia, skali aku ternampak link Shuttle Bus dari Airport JB ke MRT di Singapore.  Aku rasa macam menarik sebab tak payah la nak book flight pergi Singapore, tapi boleh book flight sampai JB. Sebab airport tax ke Singapore jer bukan main mahal even harga tiketnya murah. Bolehlah aku share info ni same-same dengan korang semua..Boleh klik sini - JB Shuttle Bus yer..

Exclusive Sky Shuttle from Singapore to Senai Airport

Introducing the Sky Shuttle, a joint effort between AirAsia and Causeway Link to transport AirAsia guests conveniently to Singapore and back!

Book your e-ticket here and save on the usual shuttle fare of RM8!

How does it work?

  • Step 1:
    Book your Causeway Link e-ticket after confirming your AirAsia flight.
  • Step 2:
    Present your AirAsia Itinerary and Causeway Link's e-Ticket to our staff to board Sky Shuttle at Public Concourse Aero Mall, Senai International Airport to transit at CIQ Malaysia (1st Link).
  • Step 3:
    Proceed to bay 22 & 23 (Malaysia CIQ). Present e-Ticket again to our staff to board cross-border bus (CW1 / CW2 / CW5).
  • Step 4:
    You have arrived at Kranji MRT station/Queen Street bus station/Newton Circus.

Sky Shuttle Bus schedule (Senai International Aiport ⇔ Singapore)

CIQ (JHB) to Senai International Airport Senai International Airport to CIQ(JHB)
0600 0700
0800 0900
1000 1100
1200 1300
1400 1500
1600 1700
1800 1900
2000 2100
2200 2300*

*Note: Bus will pick all remaining guests and transport guests all the way through customs to drop off point at Kranji MRT in Singapore.

Click here for more information and further terms and conditions.

**Bus transportation and scheduling are provided by Causeway Link.

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